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Staging Made Simple


Staging Made Simple

Passionate about empowering individuals to take their own step towards making their next dream home a reality, we are proud to work among industry creatives spearheading change.

Introducing an innovative, affordable and easy solution, The Ustage DIY Guide is Brisbane's DIY home staging specialists.

The Ustage DIY Guide is an affordable solution for homeowners wanting to sell their home fast and secure the best-selling price. While working alongside a team of experts, the Ustage DIY Guide makes property staging easy, with a step-by-step guidebook that empowers you to make a big impact where it counts.

The process is simple.

Conscious that DIY property staging needs to be done on a budget, the aim is to try and work with the furniture you have, providing an option where you can instantly receive a quote for missing or replacement furniture pieces. 

The guide focuses on each area of your property independently and provides you with a list of everything that needs to be removed, added or updated with a detailed styling illustration in each space. The illustrations cover everything from how to place the cushions on the sofa to how to make your bed like a pro. 

Proud to present Ustage, we warmly invite you to visit their website at