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Our Thriving Community


Our Thriving Community

Our beautiful Bayside boasts an impressive blend of energy and fluidity, showcasing its real estate prowess along its picturesque coastal landscape. This vibrant suburb stands tall with outstanding amenities, encompassing top-notch infrastructure, excellent schools, sports facilities, and charming foreshore and village areas adorned with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and historical points of interest. Access to major supermarkets and retail outlets further amplifies its allure.

A notable trend observed in recent buyer enquiries reveals a heartening dynamic – grandparents following their children who relocated during the challenging COVID years. The demand for single-story homes and dual-living options remains consistently high, emphasising the profound importance of family ties. This positive surge in the market is evident in the pricing of renovated and move-in-ready homes, which command impressive values.

For our eager first-time home buyers, the journey into the real estate realm gravitates toward townhouses and units. Their unwavering determination to own a piece of property injects a dynamic layer of competition, particularly against downsizers seeking hassle-free options that bypass extensive renovations. The ever-changing landscape of interest rates introduces an intriguing dimension to real estate discussions.

The Wynnum/Manly Bayside is not just a residential haven; it's a thriving community housing a diverse array of businesses and skilled tradespeople. As your local Wynnum Real Estate Agency, we've encountered numerous local businesses offering exceptional services. By fostering support for these businesses through referrals, we contribute to the continuous growth of our vibrant local community.

So, if we can help at any time, please know we're here to help.

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