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Nicky Bielby

Nicky Bielby
Client Care and Administration Manager

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B/hours: 07 3396 1369

New-Zealand born Nicky Bielby is one of the reasons why people love visiting our office. A people-person from day one, Nicky worked for years in hospitality and event management before turning her considerable skills to the real estate industry.

Nicky’s innate friendliness and caring nature shine in her role as Sash & Gable’s Client Care and Administration Manager. Sash & Gable’s communications, administration duties and marketing materials are all expertly managed by Nicky, who ensures every detail is correct and conveyed to all the right people at the right time. This includes overseeing design layouts, marketing content, all media; thereby allowing our agents to bring about more success for our clients. All of this combines to result in Nicky providing our clients the highest quality of care.

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