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On the Market vs. Off Market


On the Market vs. Off Market

Vendors sell their property in one of two ways: on the market or off-market. But, you may ask, which approach is best suited for you?

Gail Gobey is an award-winning people's choice agent. Since settling in the Bayside in 2007, Gail has experienced the many facets and nuances the real estate market has presented and is positioned to understand and implement innovative, tailored strategies to present her client's properties to the market best.

However, emotions can run high when it comes to selling, so establishing the client's expectations and developing the strategy to be used in conjunction with the preferred method of sale is vital.

On the Market
This is the most common approach and comprises 'For Sale', 'Auction' and 'Tender'. In these three options, we present your home to the market attracting local, interstate and international buyers, creating healthy competition. Our strategy will achieve top dollar for your home and an excellent result for all parties involved.

The costs of marketing the property become the first consideration a vendor will query, usually totalling four figures. This cost MUST be looked at as an investment that provides a strong chance of achieving prices above expectations, especially in this current market, providing you choose an Agent who has the experience and drive to market your property the right way.

Off Market
This is becoming an increasing trend given current market conditions, but why?

It's no secret the current market is heavily weighted to the sellers, given the extreme shortage of stock catering to high buyer demand. Over the past 12 – 18 months, this scenario has seen prices escalate beyond expectations.  The costs of marketing the property become the first consideration a vendor will query. Therefore, we must ensure the property is presented to the broadest possible audience to ensure a signed contract delivers the best price available.

While we have a clean database of active buyers, we understand there is a constant stream of new buyers entering the market who need to know your property is for sale. A well-presented home with high-profile marketing supported by great photos will always return a great result, significantly negating the cost of the investment. At the very least, both vendor and agent will know the marketing investment attracting a signed contract will have delivered top dollar at that time.

Working in your best interests, we warmly welcome you to contact Gail Gobey on 0439 584 111 to understand more about the property market, which sales method is best suited for your home and how we can achieve an outstanding result for you.