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Our Bayside Is In Demand


Our Bayside Is In Demand

The market continues to adapt to the impact of COVID and subsequent restrictions. As a result, we're seeing an inexplicable demand from buyers as the market continues to perform well above any predictions.

Our Bayside precinct is recognised as the place to be with buyers saying they should have purchased 18 months ago but decided to wait it out as prices would drop!! Regrettable, for them, the opposite has occurred.

In a nutshell, we are fronting buyer frustration and fatigue as they realise they have to chase hard to find a place to call home. Whether they are locals wanting to scale up or down, relocating from interstate or returning ex-pats looking to find safety back home, they are there in droves, and all are needing a place to stay – buy or rent.

Stock is in short supply, and the market remains brisk – there's never been a better time to sell!

Auction campaigns are proving to be a favoured choice, offering confidence to sellers and transparency to buyers providing all with a good outcome in the shortest timeframe. While bank finance can struggle a little to meet critical deadlines, brokers out there can help. That considered, we do have cashed-up buyers ready to go. So, act now and be brave. If we can indulge in a prediction, things are set to remain as they are for some time to come.

If you are on the fence and unclear about what you should do, give us a call – remember, we're here to help!

We warmly invite you to contact our Sash & Gable Team today on (07) 3396 1396.