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How To Win Your Rental Bond


How To Win Your Rental Bond

What does a perfect exit/vacate at your rental property look like? How can you easily get your full bond refund and gain a great reference in the process?

You have found yourself renting in our beautiful Wynnum/Manly locations in Brisbane and you are now wanting to move out of your current home.

Here is your go-to check list to have a smooth exit and gain a full bond refund from your current agency.

Open communication
Notify your current property manager at your earliest convenience of your desired plans and complete all relevant documents to move.

Gather Important Information
Sash & Gable supplies all this information to our tenants but not all agencies are the same, so be sure to ask.
-    At this stage you would like to ask for a copy of your Entry Condition Report, so you know the standard you need to return the home to upon vacate
-    Get a list of the property managers preferred services: Bond Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Pets Control, General Repairs and Maintenance
-    Ask for the total monies due up to and including vacate date and finalise all accounts on the home. Importantly, know that your water bill will be calculated at the end of the lease once the water meter reading is taken, so this will be an added charge.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Book in cleaners, do not try to clean yourself – take the stress off moving and allow the professionals to take care of this part. A bond clean is an in depth clean and come with warranties on their work so, if the agent is not happy with the standards, your bond cleaner will re-attend to finish off. We suggest going through the preferred supplier with your agency as there are many cleaners out there; some good and some not so good.

Carpet and Pest
Book carpet and pest control – usually you can bundle these together and remember you need to get pest done if you have had pets at the home.

Minor Repairs
Do not be a handy man and try to patch paint or fix things yourself, patch painting can cause more harm than good and can become costly to repair once done. Have conversations with your property manager about any repairs and gain their direction on the best plan of attack.

Outside Maintenance
Lawns, gardens and external areas should also be neat and clean. Give the gardens a good tidy up, weed removal, edged and mow just before you are leaving. Sweep away leaves and complete an external clean of your balcony / decks as this is not included within a usual bond clean.

Key Handover
Hand back of keys to your property manager and at the same time present them with copies of receipts from cleaners, carpets, pest, and handy man maintenance where applicable.

Follow Up Communication
Again, a tad more communication: Follow up with your property manager and see how all is tracking and if you need to do anything else prior to your bond being refunded.

Exit Inspection
You may wish to be there for the exit inspection which is recommended with the agent if the time suites.

Bond Refund
Enjoy a full bond refund and a great reference to follow – you deserve it!

Moving should not be a stressful and daunting process and getting your full bond refund should be a priority, so be sure to follow these ten simple steps.

Speak with the Property Management team today if you would like more assistance on this process or in finding your new rental home.