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Window of Opportunity


Window of Opportunity

This week, we caught up with the Property Management team on the critical issues that have been frequently asked in the world of Property Management.

Investor concerns over the past months –

Q - How has the rental market performed through this COVID period?
Q - As rentals yields are reported to be down in Brisbane – is this the case in the Wynnum and Manly areas and surrounds?
Q - Given the current employment figures, I am very concerned tenants will not be able to pay their rent?

All important and relevant and rest assured top of mind for many. We've found the market to be buoyant with strong demand from quality tenants, and contrary to much talk and conjecture we have not seen many properties off loaded nor have we encountered many tenants under financial stress and unable to meet their rental obligation. In fact, through the COVID period we have only had five tenancies seek some form of rent relief. Given the COVID rental relief legislation was lifted on 30th September 2020, tenants must now pay due rent in full.

The market has been and continues to be strong, with low days on market (6.1 days from the last 29 properties leased), and with impressive and increasing rental yields. We have not seen any rental decreases as demand completely outstrips supply, with many quality tenants seeking good rental properties. Given the number of interstate transfers, we are seeing an influx of quality tenants into the Wynnum, Manly, Lota, Wakerley and Gumdale areas. This bayside pocket is experiencing a high level of interest from both prospective tenants and purchasers.

At Sash & Gable Property, we offer our owners a low stress high yield outcome on all our re-lets or new to the market rental homes, with recent rent increase on new tenancies of up to 10%! So, if anyone tells you the rental market is under duress, please inform them to contact Sash & Gable Property for an enlightening talk.

Windows of opportunity come along infrequently, and right now we are in one of those rare periods when investing in property is a wise move. If you are looking at investing or if you are already in the market please reach out to us and let’s talk about how the team at Sash & Gable Property would manage your property and get it working for you.

If you are looking for a team that will provide this plus more, we warmly invite you to call Ian Gobey on 0424 623 613 - remember we’re here to help.

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