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Making your House a Home (when Selling)


Making your House a Home (when Selling)

Let’s talk about making your house a home (when selling)...

It’s all about 'Selling The Dream' so having your House present as a Dream Home is pivotal in driving value perception and setting your property apart from others on the market.  Here is a small checklist to get you started.

'Fresh paint and on-trend colour accents'
A fresh coat of paint will always improve the appeal and value of your home – and 'Vanilla' is the trick when selling – so consider neutrals. But... when it comes to accent and décor items like cushions etc consider on-trend pops of colour to take your home straight to the top of the 'desirable list' with Buyers.

Change the small accents
You would be SHOCKED to know the power of the décor items in 'setting the mood' of your home and inspiring Buyers – so think about updating the smaller, lower cost elements, like curtains, lampshades, cushions, and bed linens.

Revamp and refresh gardens and landscaping
Never underestimate the value of a tidy, fresh, vibrant garden. Cull any dead plants, prune trees and hedges, add healthy new plants in gaps and holes, re-mulch garden beds, and feed and water lawns to get the 'green velvet' happening.

Artwork brings the room to life
Walls in key rooms are Prime Selling Assets. A few well chosen – and often very inexpensive pieces – can re-cast your home as an On-Trend Show Room.

Bring the outside in
Indoor Plants have made an enormous comeback – whether real or quality (and again not necessarily expensive) 'Faux Plants' – and will significantly drive-up the 'appeal factor' in your home.

And finally... under Current Conditions... homeware stock is in short supply so... don't leave it till the last minute. Many items, normally in unlimited supply from multiple suppliers, are often in SCARCE supply in the current COVID economy … so plan ahead …

If you're thinking of selling call Gail Gobey on 0439 584 111 today for a no obligation consultation on the things that will most help your to transform your house into a home (and tips on where to get them...).