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What Is A Rental Reference?


What Is A Rental Reference?

Building a great rental reference is paramount throughout your tenancy. Correctly doing so, strengthens the approval process for your new home, and is a very powerful factor for Property Managers’ consideration.

Caitlin, our Property Manager here at Sash & Gable provides some excellent advice that will help you achieve a fantastic rental reference for the future.

What is a rental reference you may ask?

When applying for a rental property, Property Managers rely on a brief overview of the tenancy fundamentals from the applicant’s history with that agency. This includes asking previous Property Managers if the applicants paid rent on time, how they treated the property, notes on pets and any damages that may have been caused, bond refunds and if the applicant was responsive, courteous and transparent with the agency in times of difficulty, and an overall rating.

How can you build yourself a great rental reference you may ask?

This will help your approval process for your new home as well as give you that little warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you made a great impression on your previous Property Manager. Let’s start here; right from the get-go ensure you keep at least 1-week ahead of your due rental payments. This will help in times when financial institutions are closed (Christmas, Easter etc..) and in the event you experience that little hiccup that may impact a payment. At all cost, keep your ledger clean - that is what Property Managers love to see!

Maintenance also forms such a big part of any tenancy, so ensuring that you alert your Property Manager in writing (or a phone call in matters of urgency) of any issues as they arise is important. This is also greatly appreciated by our Landlords, who after all own the property - a huge asset so, your attention provides them peace of mind in knowing their property is being respected.

Communication is essential and possibly the most important trait a Property Managers requires and respects in a tenant. They understand situations can change throughout a tenant’s personal life so transparency and honesty are extremely important and will help the Property Manager assist in any negotiations knowing the facts. Being responsive to emails and phone calls is crucial in nurturing a good, amicably and rewarding relationship.

At Sash & Gable, we have worked hard attracting quality tenants with whom we have forged thriving relationships. We believe in matching each tenant with an appropriate property and we work together to ensure all parties have a beneficial working relationship.

Caitlin gives us a quick run through of her role and commitment towards your investment property.

So, if you’re considering leasing your home or investment property, or if you are not entirely happy with your current management team, please call (07) 3396 1396 or 0424 919 774 or email [email protected]