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First Home Buyer Help Plus More


First Home Buyer Help Plus More

First home buyers, this is your time to strike as buying conditions haven't been this good in decades.

Right now, there are a lot of great deals available – from $4,000 in cash rebates through to low interest and mortgage rates, with the added support from the Government such as The First Home Owners Grant along with the First Home Super Saver Scheme which are two current initiatives that support first home buyers in their journey to pay for a house.

With so much choice, it can be a little daunting working out which loan is actually the best for you. Our home loan specialist, Ruan from Time Home Loans knows the market and the options like no one else, which will not only save you time but will probably save you $$$ as well.

Added to this, a good relationship with your agents here at Sash & Gable will help you find your home and hopefully your first dream home, making it all the more possible for you to become a proud property owner!

These are unprecedented times however now is the time to be brave. We will make sure the health and safety of those around us are at the forefront of our minds and will continue to conduct custom inspections for all our Sale and Rental opportunities.

Open the door... it may lead you someplace you never expected!