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Your Winter Market Update


Your Winter Market Update

As we navigate a period of rising interest rates with the market showing signs of cooling, rising costs across the board and a shortage of raw materials, renovating or building has become challenging with delays and increased costs. As running costs are predicted to be high over the coming twelve to twenty-four months, we are now at the forefront of buyer demand for established homes where sellers can achieve remarkable results for their new or renovated home.

Despite everything that's going on in the world – or, perhaps, because of it – home buyers and renters have never placed a higher stock on the amenity of their location, which helps keep our beautiful Bayside at the forefront of people's minds.

Yes, the old adage of real estate remains true: the top three things are location, location, and location.  Liveability, to some extent, is in the eye of the beholder, and people look for different things at different stages of their lives. Still, it generally comes down to the right combination for a safe, happy, comfortable lifestyle.

Apart from some frostiness and the occasional coolness in the air, winter doesn't get in the way of much here, and if the timing is right for you, selling at this time of year has its advantages, attracting serious buyers as the competition is low and demand high. Spending time preparing your home for sale can directly impact the number of buyers you attract, how quickly you sell, and the price you achieve.

Equipped with over 18 years of experience and industry knowledge, Gail Gobey's dedication, commitment, and a solid reputation for improving the real estate journey for many underwrite new benchmarks in industry knowledge, professionalism, and client experiences ensure you are in good hands throughout the whole process.

Working in your best interests, we warmly welcome you to contact Gail Gobey on 0439 584 111 to understand more about the property market, which sales method is best suited for your home and how we can achieve the best result for you!