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Your Success Story


Your Success Story

More often than not, real estate is the topic of conversation when gathering with friends and family. It's a significant investment in one's life, and we all want to know where we sit on 'the ladder', be it value or the crystal ball of what to expect next.

The Bayside has seen an average increase of $250,000 over the past two years, coupled with the increase in interest rates. This has been highly unsettling; however, we are not seeing a drop in property prices. You might be interested to hear that whilst stock is at an all-time low, we continue to have motivated buyers texting, calling or walking into our office frustrated by the shortage of stock and so desperate to buy.

Who are these buyers, you may ask?

The first home buyers who have been outpriced have changed their focus from houses to townhouses, families who have outgrown their homes and looking to upgrade and do not want to take on renovations as is the case with downsizers, and renovators who are looking for a bargain to flip. Subject to sale conditions have come back to the table, and if you are considering upgrades or renovations to your home, don't be put off by the challenges of securing builders and tradespersons; consider it a long-term investment.

If we focus a minute on interest rates, there is a positive note in the air with investors waiting it out, realising their property values will remain strong. The prediction that we would see costs rise has become a reality.

Our season for selling has changed; curious to know when is the best time to sell. You will achieve the best result when your home is ready. Spending time to prepare your home for sale can directly impact the number of buyers you attract, how quickly you sell, and the price you achieve.

Working in your best interests, we warmly welcome you to contact Gail Gobey on 0439 584 111 to understand more about today's property market.