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Opportunities Await


Opportunities Await

We have all spent so much time at home doing most of our business in the digital landscape in the last two years. We are now back in front of people, hosting open for inspection and client engagement opportunities coupled with market and election volatility... make for an exciting mix!

The central banks' economists have tipped national house prices will plateau over 2022, after spectacular growth seen all around the country with the housing market naturally starting to slow. However, our Bayside remains resilient with the overwhelming demand for livability - incredible sporting and shopping facilities, recreational parks and activities, schools and childcare, health and transport infrastructure with relative affordability compared to cities like Sydney and Melbourne, and all year round sunshine!

Now that our borders have opened up and the perceived lifestyle benefits, migration will continue into 2022 with the added benefit of hosting the Olympics. The extra infrastructure building that will occur only instills further positivity for our state and locale.

Spending time to prepare your home for sale can directly impact the number of buyers you attract, how quickly you sell, and the price you achieve. Touching on this in a previous blog post, preparing your home for sale is an investment, with all your efforts coming to fruition when your home hits the market!

Known for her extensive local market knowledge, Gail Gobey underpins confidence in her sellers, guiding and assisting buyers with their purchasing pursuit in this ever-shifting market.

Exhausted buyers are still out there looking to call our Bayside home; quality homes are holding their own, and with local hyper-knowledge and finance-ready buyers ready to act, Gail Gobey has more than earned her solid reputation as a trustworthy, honest real estate advocate who is committed to helping her clients achieve their real estate goals.

Don't wait for the right opportunity... create it!