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Navigating the real estate market


Navigating the real estate market

As we enter 2023, our beautiful Bayside has held its own remarkably well.  Possessing a wealth of real estate industry knowledge and experience, Gail is your award-winning local Wynnum specialist help you navigate the latest real estate landscape.

Over to you Gail...

Buyers are treading with caution - there is no longer the 'fear of missing out' as we continue to be challenged by the rising interest rates and costs of materials. Of course, every property will sell, but don't we want to achieve the best outcome to move forward?

The last six months have prepared us for what's to come, and working with our clients in preparing their homes for sale or rent, has achieved just that, so don't be shy to ask for that advice, even if you are not planning on selling now, but sometime in the future and renovations are in the mix.

The tough conversations we are having right now are around pricing - and what a seller considers their property is worth. Of course, strategy plays a key role but most important is experience and the ability to negotiate. Focusing and specialising in this area and having been a part of the highs and lows has afforded me the opportunity to have gained the respect of buyers and sellers alike. So, when asked 'when the best time is to sell', I answer when you and your home are ready. So, please call me if you are considering selling in this current market.

Need any maintenance support and help knowing where to go, remember we have established a great network of quality Tradesmen, Landscape and Styling Services that can be called upon for any situation.

Working in your best interests, we warmly welcome you to contact Gail Gobey on 0439 584 111 to understand more about the property market, which sales method is best suited for your home and how we can achieve the best result for you!