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Making Auction Registration Easy


Making Auction Registration Easy

Auction day can come packed with nerves from both sides of the transaction, and we know the pressure for Buyers can present itself during those few minutes spent registering for an Auction.


Despite some misconceptions that an Auction will be a high-pressure, fast-paced environment, there are many reasons why bidding/buying at an Auction is the best way to buy real estate.


Gail Gobey is not only a professional in selling property; her skills excel when it comes to nurturing her Buyers, ensuring they are comfortable and ready to purchase their new home. 


Here are Gail's top tips to help relieve this stress on the big day;


Understand what forms you need to complete:

The anticipation of Auction Day can be overwhelming for some. So before the day, speak with your Agent and understand what forms you need to complete to be eligible to bid. The two main scenarios for bidder registration are buyer/s bid on-site or buyer/s authorising another party to bid on their behalf (e.g. over the phone). Although there are different forms to fill out for each, this is something your Agent can walk you through and assist where required.


Be prepared ahead of time:

Sounds easier said than done, right? At Sash & Gable, our streamlined processes allow buyers to register for Auctions ahead of time. With a team of professionals to help you with pre-registration, we can assist you either at one of our open homes or when you receive the registration documents prior to Auction Day. It's a good feeling when you can 'skip the queue' to receive your bidding paddle with your lucky number on it!


Ask your Agent questions:

Whilst the Seller has appointed the Agent to sell the property, it is essential to ensure all Buyers are given a helping hand when they have questions. So when you find a home going to Auction, put your best foot forward by asking as many questions as possible. 


Gail Gobey is a multiple award winner earning a solid reputation in the community as a trustworthy, honest real estate advocate committed to helping all her client achieve their real estate goals. A big thank you to our clients who have taken the time to leave an independent review.


For more information and support, Why Buy at Auction is your complete guide. Alternatively, if you require any assistance with your real estate needs, we warmly invite you to contact Gail Gobey on 0439 584 111 today.