You are looking for a new home and have spent many hours trawling through the properties for sale in your chosen location.

This is an exciting time but can become very stressful.

We talk about all the buying aids we have today when researching an area or even a home that is on the market; however, with that all said and done there are a few tips that may assist you when taking that leap to purchase your new home or investment property.

Make sure you are finance ready. Talk to your Finance Broker or bank before you start your search. Knowing how much you can offer on a house certainly does put you in a strong position.

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property’s title from the seller to the buyer and it is important you research who you wish to use for conveyancing when you have a Contract of Sale. Make contact with your chosen Solicitor so that you become comfortable with the entire process, including timeframe and costs. It is also recommended that your Solicitor review the Contract prior to signing.

The Build and Pest Inspection is an extremely vital part of purchasing a home and forms one of the ‘conditions.’ If anything it is the process of introduction; where you, the buyer can get to know your new home. Participating in this inspection with your chosen qualified inspector is highly recommended.

Pre settlement inspections give you the chance to view your property prior to settlement. There is a lot to organise when purchasing and often we are transferring from one home to another so it can be exhausting. With settlement just around the corner, congratulations and enjoy your new home!

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There are a number of options which will make this a hassle free experience; making contact with an agent who works the area, one that you can relate with and who understands your needs is highly recommended.